My PC System Journal

Back in early 1995 my 1st pc was either I486 or Pentium1 (really cannot remember) with Windows 3.1 running on it.
Still remember at that time I still can surf the internet with it but while downloading a jpeg image, I can bancuh kopi and the image were still not finish loading (what a sweet memory)

A year later on 1996 upgraded to Cyrix M2 with Windows 95 (dont know whether you guys ever heard of this Cyrix company or not but they are Intel and AMD competitor at that time).

On 1998 I upgraded to AMD K6-2 500mhz with mobo PC100 socket7. This time I'm running Windows 98.

4 years later on 2002 upgraded to AMD AthlonXP 1800+ with mobo MSI k7t ultra2 (running Windows ME later change to WinXP). Aku guna sampai 2009.

Then on 2004 aku beli laptop Acer 4060 Pentium M using WinXP dan masih guna sampai sekarang Dec 2009 tapi dah tukar Windows 7.

Early 2009 aku setup satu desktop AMD Athlon X2 7750 Kuma yg aku guna sampai sekarang Dec 2009 dengan dual boot WinXP dan Ubuntu 9.10

Thats all...adiosss

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